What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol that allows home appliances, lighting control, security, temperature control, and other connected devices in the home to talk to each other and be controlled by the same networking technology. RTI is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, a group of companies that works together to ensure interoperability of their devices with the Z-Wave protocol.

how rti and z-wave work together

How do RTI and Z-Wave work together?

RTI’s ZW-9 Z-Wave Interface Module acts as a communication hub between the RTI control processor and Z-Wave-certified devices. The Z-Wave wireless network routes commands from the RTI controller to the destination devices. Z-Wave communication is bidirectional which means the devices can send feedback back on their status, which is then available on RTI user interfaces such as remote controls, in-wall controls and smart devices. This way, Z-Wave operates as an extension of the RTI control ecosystem.

why rti supports z-wave

Why does RTI support Z-Wave?

Wireless control technology is an easy and smart way to extend the reach of control environments without the need for expensive wiring. In addition, Z-Wave doesn’t interfere with WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee. For even greater reliability, Z-Wave devices create a wireless network that becomes more robust as more devices are added.

what is z-wave's range

What is Z-Wave’s range?

Z-Wave technology specifies a range of 330 feet (100 meters) when used outdoors with no obstacles. Obstacles in your home such as walls and furniture reduce the range, so RTI recommends a maximum distance of 100 feet between devices for line of sight installations and a maximum distance of 50 feet for devices when signals need to pass through walls. If a greater range is needed, it’s easy to add a Z-Wave repeater. Z-Wave’s mesh networking allows a Z-Wave signal to “hop” through other Z-Wave products to reach the destination device to be controlled. Z-Wave supports up to 4 hops.

in what countries do rti z-wave products work

In what countries do RTI’s Z-Wave products work?

Radio frequencies are regulated differently depending on where you live. Z-Wave operates at 868.42 MHz in Europe, at 908.42 in North America and uses other frequencies in other countries depending on their regulations.

RTI’s ZW-9 Interface Modules are available for North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

RTI’s light switches and dimmers are available only with the frequency that works in North America.

what is the difference between z-wave and z-wave plus

What is the difference between Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus?

Z-Wave Plus is the latest certification standard and offers a high level of security and compatibility between products. Z-Wave Plus has been optimized for easy set-up and installation and offers improvements in battery life, range and bandwidth. RTI’s ZW-9 Z-Wave Interface Module is Z-Wave Plus certified.

how many devices can I control

How many Z-Wave Devices can I control?

RTI’s ZW-9 Z-Wave Interface Module allows for control of up to 200 Z-Wave devices.

Integrate Z-Wave Devices with an RTI Control System

A Connection Hub

RTI is a member of the Z-Wave alliance and has developed a Z-Wave solution which leverages the standardized wireless technology to enable control and automation over a wide range of devices. RTI’s ZW-9 Z-Wave Interface Module is the “hub” that provides the communication with virtually any Z-Wave compatible device. Devices range from lighting devices (switches/dimmers), door locks, thermostats, sensors (motion, temperature, humidity, ambient light, doorbell, etc.), shades, RGB lighting controllers, virtual and central scene controllers, etc.

* Also, RTI offers its own series of Z-Wave light switches and dimmers (available in North America only).

The manufacturers we have tested with RTI

  • Aeotec

  • August

  • Baldwin

  • Bali/Graber

  • Aspire RF/Eaton

  • Dome

  • Enerwave

  • Evolve Guest Controls

  • Fibaro

  • First Alert

  • Fortrezz

  • GE

  • GoControl

  • Honeywell

  • Jasco

  • KwikSet

  • Leviton

  • Linear

  • MCO Home

  • Monoprice

  • Nexia

  • NuTone

  • Philio

  • Qubino

  • Radio Thermostat

  • RCS

  • Remotec

  • RTI

  • Schlage

  • Trane

  • Venstar

  • Vitrum

  • Yale

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