Command Performance

RTI's professional-grade control products are powerful enough to control systems of any size or scope. They're intuitive enough for any user to operate confidently. Because our systems are designed and manufactured to perform under the most demanding conditions, you can expect reliable performance every time. Ask yourself what you need to get done. Then let RTI become the link between your will and your world.


A better learning experience

RTI control solutions provide reliability and flexibility to control the entire room with the press of one button. So when a transition needs to take place such as dimming the lights, lowering a screen and powering up the projector, the leader can make the change with the confidence that it will work, every time.

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Luxury Transportation

Customize for unique demands

Whether traveling by land, sea, or sky, RTI's award-winning line of control solutions make the trip more enjoyable by providing simplified access to entertainment options. Offering a wide range of user interfaces, RTI products can be completely customized to meet the traveler's unique demands.

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Conference Rooms

Take command

The last thing people want to be concerned with when preparing for a business meeting or presentation is the operational details of the conference room equipment. RTI can bring together control of audio/video systems, lighting, shades and more into a simple, intuitive interface, allowing users to easily take command of today's communication technologies.

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Places of Worship

Durability you can count on

Places of worship demand a unique breed of control system. Robust capacity and flexibility are combined with one-touch simplicity to meet the needs of multiple users. Beyond ease of use, RTI professional-grade control systems also provide durability and reliability you can count on in front of an audience.

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Seamless integration

Government settings require a control solution as unique as the environments themselves. RTI systems can be tailored to meet the unique and demanding requirements found in these applications while offering one-touch simplicity to satisfy a diversified user base.

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Find a Dealer

RTI products are sold through a network of trained dealers and system integrators. Find a certified RTI dealer today!

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