T2-C+ Universal Controller

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This model has been discontinued

Sleek and elegant, the T2-C+ is the fourth generation of RTI’s renowned T2 remote control platform. Now featuring a stunning, state-of-the-art OLED color display with an extremely wide viewing angle, superior contrast and excellent brightness control. The amazing T2-C+ Universal System Controller represents a perfect example of style and function, blended seamlessly together. The T2-C+ is loaded with innovations such as a revolutionary dual RF platform to offer communications with RTI central processors either one way at 433MHz or bi-directionally with compatible devices at 2.4GHz. Additional features such as the three-way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation allow the T2-C+ to provide the most satisfying user experience of any remote control in it’s class.


The T2-C+ is the ultimate remote control - offering the perfect balance between a customizable touchscreen and a fixed set of hard buttons for tactile control of commonly used functions. With a very modern and impressive industrial design the T2-C+ is thinner, lighter and provides better ergonomics for one handed operation than any other remote control in it’s class. The stunning 2.8” OLED display offers a completely configurable user interface, capable of displaying custom text and graphics in vivid detail.

The T2-C+ takes complete control of a building’s electronic sub systems, replacing all other controls. The perfect centerpiece of any audio/video installation, giving the user full power and intuitive command with the simple press of a button. The T2-C+ can be used as a stand alone controller or when used with other RTI devices can be an integral part of a advanced control system, offering sophisticated features such as RS-232, IP or relay control, power sensing and RF transmission through walls or cabinets.

Updated with the latest in remote control technology, the T2-C+ has a host of features that separate it from the rest of the pack. A gorgeous highcontrast OLED touchscreen displays graphics in vivid, crystal clear detail. Powerful Zigbee® technology for bi-directional RF communication with RTI control processors and supported third-party devices will provide the user with intuitive feedback and control. With the further ability to view current status information from electronics such as music servers, lighting or even the weather forecast, the T2-C+ is redefining the role of the remote control.

* Integration Designer software only available to authorized RTI dealers.

  • Dual RF transmission capability uses 433MHz and 2.4GHz (utilizing
    Zigbee® technology).
  • Two-way feedback from compatible devices using 2.4GHz (Zigbee®) and
    RTI control components.
  • Blazing fast 533MHz CPU.
  • High contrast, full color OLED display with extremely wide viewing angle.
  • Ergonomic design permits effortless, one-handed operation.
  • Integrated high-resolution touchscreen.
  • Transmits IR and RF (or both - on a single button press!).
  • Thirty-five assignable/programmable keypad buttons.
  • Three-way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation.
  • Tilt switch can automatically turn on the backlight when picked up.
  • System includes a Lithium-Ion battery and docking station.
  • Completely customizable and programmable.
  • Extremely wide IR transmitting frequency range.
  • Optional ‘Voltage’ and ‘Video’ sensing modules to monitor power status
    of equipment when used with certain RTI processors.
  • Non-volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when
    power is not present.
  • Field upgradable firmware.
  • Fast USB 2.0 programming.
Power 3.6 VDC, 1200 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Power Management Automatic On/Off (tilt switch)
Infrared Control Range 30 feet (9.1 meters) @ 60 degrees
Infrared Frequency Transmission Range 15kHz - 460kHz
Radio Frequency Control Range Up to 100 feet (30.5 meters)
(with optional System Interfaces/Processors)
Radio Frequency 802.15.4 @ 2.4 GHz (ZigBee® Wireless Mesh Networking) & 433MHz
Operating Temperature +32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Touchscreen Display High-brightness color OLED 
1/4 VGA (240x320 pixels) with 262K colors
Integrated high-resolution touchscreen
Display Size 2.8 in (71mm) diagonal
Backlights Blue/Red/White LED (Keypad)
Nominal Run Time on Full Charge 2.5 hours minimum, continuous use
(5 to 7 days on average use)
Standby Time on Full Charge 30 Days
Battery Charge Time 3-4 Hours
Total System Memory 128M Bytes Flash (non-volatile) memory
Device Capability Total number of devices is limited only by memory
Macro Capability Unlimited steps in a single macro
Total number of macros is limited only by memory
Macro capability on every button
Communications USB 2.0 programming port
Dimensions (L x W x D) 10.0 in (254mm) x 2.6 in (66mm) x 1.0 in (25mm)
Enclosure High-impact molded ABS plastic
Weight 9.6 oz (272g) with battery pack
Warranty One Year (Parts & Labor)
90 days on the battery
T2-C+ Universal OLED Color Display Remote Control

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Model T2-C+
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