Taking Customer Service To The Next Level

RTiQ’s powerful cloud-based platform gives RTI dealers the ability to remotely monitor customer’s control and automation systems, get real-time notifications on system issues, and provide instant technical support.

Be The First To Know

RTiQ intelligent remote monitoring allows dealers to be the first to know when a client's devices fail or a system is experiencing a problem. With real-time notifications and a quick-reference dashboard, dealers can address issues and restore service without the client ever knowing there was a problem.

Uptime Matters

RTiQ reliably monitors an installation and keeps a detailed history on all of the connected devices to determine the reason behind failures. Once alerted, the RTiQ dashboard will help identify what caused the issue, enabling custom actions to be sent to reset devices. If a device needs to be replaced, RTiQ ensures the right parts are in-hand, minimizing unnecessary trips.

Better End-User Experience

Nothing is more frustrating to a client than when their technology is not functioning properly. With the ability to analyze performance data, RTiQ gives dealers the information they need to remove the end-user from the troubleshooting process and ensure the system is always running smoothly.

Save Time

RTiQ makes your work more efficient. Get notified about system failures by text message or email. Troubleshoot and fix the problem without rolling a truck to the customer.

How RTiQ Helps You Improve Your Customer’s Satisfaction And Save You Time.

remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

RTiQ monitors all Ethernet-connected RTI devices (touchpanels, processors, etc.) and allows custom actions to be triggered remotely. You can also use RTiQ to monitor third-party external devices in three ways: by “pinging” them, connecting to a specific IP address (ex. to verify that a web server is listening on a device), or by monitoring a system variable for information such as rack temperature and lamp hours.

location dashboard

Location Dashboard

The RTiQ dashboard provides a convenient map-based view of all customer systems. At any time, and from anywhere with an Internet connection, you can log into the RTiQ web dashboard to check on the health of the system.

real time notifications

Real-Time Notifications

Improve your response time with instant email and text notifications. You will learn of system failures even before your client knows there's an issue.

remote troubleshooting

Remote Troubleshooting

Remotely trigger actions to reset devices or send control commands to fix a problem. Powerful and customizable, RTiQ is capable of any action the RTI control system is capable of executing.

root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

View the detailed history of all connected devices to determine the reason behind failures to resolve them and prevent any recurrence. This helps determine if a device needs replaced, and ensure the right parts are in-hand to minimize multiple trips.

easy setup

Easy Setup

RTiQ can be set up and configured easily in RTI’s programming software Integration Designer 9 or APEX.

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