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Powerful control for your smart home
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Reliable control for those mission critical moments
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Experience RTI in Your Day
Give the kids a wake-up call with their favorite playlist or check the news with the press of a button.
Chance of storms - better pack a raincoat.
Turn on the lights, adjust the temperature and check the security - all from one convenient touchpanel.

Make your home come alive with one touch

Technology should make life more fulfilling, yet too often we don't dictate the terms of the relationship - our devices do. Now you can operate all your electronics quickly and intuitively with one touch, via RTI system controllers, your smart phone, tablet or PC.

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While you get ready
While you get ready

RTI is waking the house

  • The outdoor lighting was shut off at sunrise and shades throughout the house have opened to let the light shine in.
  • The temperature has been adjusted to keep you comfortable while you prepare for the day.
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RTI Panel App

Check-in -
anytime, anywhere

The RTiPanel App allows remote control and monitoring from virtually anywhere. From home or the office, even the beach, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind provided by the award-winning RTiPanel app.

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While you're away
While you're away

Your RTI system is keeping tabs on you home.

  • The irrigation system is watering the gardens - after checking to see if it’s raining.
  • The security system is ready to report any anomolies - from intruders, to smoke alarms, water leaks and more.

Broaden your

In the boardroom, time is money and excellence is expected. That's why RTI control systems set the standard for intuitive operation, reliability under pressure, and wide-ranging capabilities. Our technology isn't just a tool you can rely on- it's a business asset you can leverage.

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While you are at work
While you are at work

Your RTI system is making energy saving adjustments.

  • It started raining, so the irrigation cycle is halted and rescheduled.
  • The shades on the sunny side of the house are closed to keep the home cool.
RTIPanel App
Turn on and set different channels on every TV - with one button press.
Set the mood for dinner – music gets groovy and the lights dim.
Special request to watch the hometown team – easily adjust the channel on the fly.
RTIPanel App

Energize your

What if you could manipulate every aspect of the guest experience with a simple touch? RTI's customizable, scalable systems enable you to do just that- quickly and intuitively. From sound and light, to HVAC and security, all your electronics systems can be instantly accessed, and their functions effortlessly choreographed.

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While you’re socializing
While you’re socializing

Kids will be arriving home soon

  • The temperature is set to a comfortable level.
  • You receive a message – The front door is open and the security system is disarmed.
  • Your family is home – check the security cameras on your phone to see if they let out the dog.
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Easy entertaining

Arrive home in a rush - get dinner started. Now the easy part - press "Entertain": The lights adjust in all the right places, the "party" playlist is started and music fills the home. Pour a glass of wine, it's time to change into something more comfortable. Your guests will be arriving soon.

Enable Entertain Mode
Disable Entertain Mode
While you’re entertaining
While you’re entertaining

Your RTI system is transitioning your home as night approaches.

  • The sun has set and the outdoor lighting comes on.
  • "Entertain mode" means more light on the front entry, steps, driveway and pool.
  • The window shades in the bedrooms and master bath have closed.
While you are relaxing
While you are relaxing

Allow yourself to be immersed in the movie magic - the home is under control.

  • The hallway light to the bathroom is lit - providing safe passage for the kids.
  • The temperature in the bedroom zone has been adjusted for optimal comfort.
  • The pool temperature is turned down - no pool party tonight.


What a beautiful day - time spent with family and friends. It’s time for bed - press “Good Night” and let the house prepare for tomorrow. All systems are checked and adjusted.

  • Theater room shut down
  • All TVs turned off
  • All main living and hall lights off or adjusted
  • All shades are closed
  • Temperature adjusted in all zones
  • Security system armed, doors locked, garage door closed
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While you sleep
While you sleep
  • The beauty of the automated home is, even while you sleep, your home is working for you. The RTI control system is able to monitor all of the homes electronics and sensors, ready to trigger events if there is a change. Sleep well, the cycle will start all over again - at sunrise.
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