T4 Universal Controller

This model has been discontinued

The T4 is RTI's flagship wireless controller - a culmination of many years of engineering and design experience. It provides the ideal solution for those that require the very best in wireless touchpanel control. Sleek and sophisticated, the T4 is the perfect compliment to today's flat panel televisions and high-end home theaters. The highly stylized design, user-friendly ergonomics, and intuitive operation all work together to provide the richest possible experience.

The T4 provides a self-contained control system for controlling audio/video components, lights, and other electronic systems in the home. It also displays wireless video (motion JPEG) and web pages - either full screen or in an adjustable window. With a TFT LCD, full VGA resolution, powerful 400MHz 32-bit MCU, 32MB of Flash memory, stereo speakers, and an expandable architecture, the T4 defines the state-of-the-art in touchpanel control.

When it comes to control, the T4 has it all - direct IR control for stand-alone operation, RF output for control processor operation, WiFi for IP control and internet access. The T4 design maintains the perfect balance between display size and resolution. At 6.4 inches the LCD is small enough to be a truly hand-held device, yet it provides the full VGA resolution necessary for displaying video windows and web pages. The T4 interface is fully programmable using RTI's Integration Designer software*, making it easy to display custom buttons, text, graphics, and animations.

In addition to the limitless software customization, additional RTI accessory devices provide the T4 with power sensing for reliable operation, and RS-232 communications for advanced control.

NOTE: For RF control, a 433MHz antenna must be used with this model of remote. It is not compatible with the ZM-24 2.4 GHz Transceiver Module.

* Integration Designer software only available to authorized RTI dealers.

  • Ergonomic design permits effortless operation.
  • Full color TFT LCD to display custom buttons, text, graphics, and animations.
  • Customizable sounds
  • Integrated 802.11 WiFi.
  • Integrated high-resolution touchscreen.
  • Powerful 32-bit, 400MHz XScale processor.
  • 32MByte of Flash Memory.
  • Tilt switch can automatically turn on backlight when picked up.
  • Extremely bright, backlit display and keys with adjustable brightness.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Thirteen assignable/programmable keys.
  • Transmits IR and RF (or both - on a single button or within a macro).
  • Optional RF receiver allows you to transmit through walls, cabinets, etc.
  • Includes a Lithium-Polymer Battery and docking station.
  • Completely customizable, programmable, and upgradeable.
  • Extremely wide IR transmitting frequency range.
  • Integrated battery fuel gauge.
  • Non-volatile Flash memory stores your program even when power is lost.
  • Easy-to-use Windows® based software for programming and customization*.
  • Field upgradeable firmware.
  • USB and Ethernet Programming
Power 7.2VDC 4000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Power Management Automatic On/Off (tilt switch)
Infrared Control Range 30 feet (9.1 meters) @ 60 degrees
Infrared Frequency Range 15 KHz - 460 KHz
Radio Frequency Control Range Up to 100 feet (30.5 meters)
(with optional System Interfaces/Processors)
Radio Frequency Carrier 433 MHz
Touchscreen Display High-brightness color TFT LCD
Full VGA (640x480 pixels) with 65K colors
300:1 contrast ratio
Integrated high-resolution touchscreen
Display Size 6.4 in (162mm) diagonal
Backlight Dual CCFL, 300nit (Display)
Blue LED (Keypads)
Operating Temperature +32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Total System Memory 32M Bytes Flash (non-volatile) memory
Device Capability Total number of devices is limited only by memory
Macro Capability Unlimited steps in a single macro
Total number of macros is limited only by memory
Macro capability on every button
Communications USB programming port
Enclosure High-impact molded ABS plastic, silver
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.2 in (157 mm) x 9.4 in (239 mm) x 2.6 in (66 mm)
Weight 2 lbs (0.91 kg)
Warranty One Year (Parts & Labor)

All specifications subject to change without notice.