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Hassle-Free Technology Makes Watching Sports Great

Controlling the lighting, HVAC and audio/video gear in a fast-paced bar environment can be challenging. There are continuously new users with the need to control many different systems at any given time. RTI provides not only easy control and automated scenes but also reliable, switching and distribution of Audio/Video signals to multiple display.

Control Content and Displays

tablet control, changing users, simplified control scenes, grouping TVs, designating specific televisions for different channels or games, raising or lowering the audio, and powering down all the electronics at closing.

Bar-wide Audio and Video

AV distribution, multiple sources, multiple displays, multiple zones to that focus sound from certain TVs in certain areas.

Adjust the Ambience

Set the mood of the bar - shades – lighting effects – HVAC, automated scenes.

We’ve Got Your Back

AV system is equipment that is making revenue for the bar - Remote Real-Time Monitoring, Troubleshoooting and maintenance.

Sports Bar AV Technology

RTI Solutions

Ultra Easy User Interface

- T1-B+ Remote

- RTiPanel App for Tablets (Custom User Interface)

Environment & AV Control with Automated Scenes

- XP-8v Control Processor with OSD Capability

Multiple Audio/Video Sources

- VHD-16 – 16x16 HDBaseT Audio/Video Matrix Switcher

- VDA-14 – 1x4 HDMI Splitter

- AD-16x – 16x16 Audio Matrix Switcher

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