Palladia HDMI & ProAudio Matrix Switches Zektor Palladia & ProAudio

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This driver is for the Zektor matrix switchers with firmware version of 2.14 or higher.

The driver should operate any Zektor matrix switch capable of utilizing the XIO settings in the switch which was introduced in firmware version 2.0.  Version 1.01 fixes initialization issues when using serial connectivity.  Version 1.1 adds reversed state variables for all selected connection types and adds adjustments for compatibility with newer Zektor firmware.  Version 1.11 Fixes an issue when Enable Selected HDMI Output was not checked and adjusted visibility of functions based on driver configuration.  Version 1.12 Optimizes initialization routines for ProAudio models and reorganizes driver configuration fields. Versions 1.13-1.21 Adjusted Selected HDMI Video and Audio text and integer variable writing routines, added APEX capabilities for Analog Audio Output Volume, Mute, and Power, added additional notes for Input and Output count configurations, and added delayed initialization when/if the Zektor loses power and the driver disconnects.

Notice - Please read the entire Palladia 3 Info.pdf that is included on this page before proceeding to implement this driver into a system.

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