MusicCast Yamaha MusicCast

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Controls the Yamaha MusicCast family of media players, soundbars, and receivers. V1.1 Adds tuner support, V1.11 adds a 'Set Volume by Percentage' command and changes to using internal name values for input variables and lists. V1.12: Fixes DAB tuner variable reporting (and Tuner Stereo reporting). V1.13 adds Audio Link Delay (Lip Sync) support and the new 'Actual Volume' variable. V1.15 changes the way zones are tagged so APEX doesn't use selected by default and fixes a problem with UTF-8 encoding (The Bublé Bug). V1.16 fixes a problem with the HDMI input for single HDMI input devices (as opposed to HDMI1). V1.17 Fixes a problem playing presets from a macro, even when NOT using selected devices.

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APEX Optimized, RTI Certified

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  • APEX Optimized, RTI Certified