Vera3 / VeraLite / VeraEdge Vera Smart Home Control

Quick Overview

This driver is for the Vera3/VeraLite Smart Home Control system used for interfacing with Z-Wave Dimmers, Switches, Thermostats, Door Locks, Sensors, and Power Meters from various manufacturers.  Version 1.01 fixes initial feedback issue when using Toggle Lock State command.  Version 1.02 fixes initial feedback issue with locks when they fail to operate, adds Lock Fault events, and adjustments to code for allowing command execution within system macros.  Version 1.03 fixes visibility issue with scene driver commands.  Version 1.04 fixes issue where user interfaces do not always initialize properly with driver and adds 45, 50, 55, and 60 second refresh rate selections.  Version 1.05 fixes an issue where the driver would stop sending requests if disconnected while using Static IP setting.  Version 1.06 fixes issue if security sensors do not provide complete tripped information.  Version 1.1 Fixes issue with Window Covering feedback and control.

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