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This driver controls the audio functions (transport and volume) of Sonos Media Players. It gives you access to the Favorites stored on the system, including the ability to store specific, user configured Favorites on specific buttons. It allows the use of the line inputs trom the players and has commands for grouping and ungrouping the players.

NOTICE: If you update from a version less than Version 1.1 you MUST redo the configuration section of the driver or it WILL NOT discover the players

Version 1.1 changes to configuration by Serial Number. It adds support for different player configurations such as stereo, surrounds and subs. It adds commands to switch a Playbar back to optical input. It improves grouping support including a new set of Group Audio commands. It also fixes several bugs in the display of metadata. 1.2: Changes the way the serial number is parsed to identify the player, and changes the documentation to make this more clear. 1.21 includes APEX compatability changes only. 1.23 Fixes a problem created with the introduction of Sonos Firmware Version 10.1

VIDEO: RTI Tech Talk: The Sonos Driver

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