ACA-E5 / ZXP-E5 / MCA-C3 / MCA-C5 Russound E & C Series

Quick Overview

For MCA-66, MCA-88, MCA-88X, XSource, XZone4, and XZone70V devices, the driver provided on the Russound website should be used.

This driver is for the Russound E & C series products utilizing the Russound I/O (RIO) protocol via Ethernet (E & C series), or RS-232 (C series only).  Support is for up to 48 Zones and 12 Sources.  Support for iBridge Dock, SMS3, ST2, and DMS 3.1 are included via the RIO Protocol.  Version 1.2 adds support for DMS 3.1, tuner exclusive functions, shuffle and repeat for MMS devices, zone power driver events, and selected zone capabilities.  Version 1.21 fixes shuffle and repeat variable writing, and adds MMSClose driver function.  Version 1.22 fixes issue with Selected Zone Treble variable acquisition.

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