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IMPORTANT: “Works with Nest” Program Ending

On May 7th, 2019 Google (the owner of the Nest® line of products) announced their intention to end the ‘Works with Nest’ program as of August 31, 2019.  This will shut down the system that enables communication between Nest thermostats and third-party devices, including RTI. As a result, the integration between RTI control systems and Nest products will stop working and users will not be able to control Nest Thermostats via the RTI Control system.

RTI is dedicated to providing robust, reliable climate control solutions for our dealers and their clients. As we approach August 31, and the details of the new ‘Works with Google Assistant’ program are announced, RTI will keep you informed of integration options and updates. In addition, if you intend to integrate HVAC control into an RTI control system, it is recommended that you choose a different thermostat device/driver.

To learn more about this change, read the Google announcement here.

Systems Affected

All existing RTI control system installations with Nest Thermostat integration.
NOTE: Aside from losing control and feedback from Nest thermostats, RTI control systems will not be impacted and Nest thermostats will continue to function normally.

RTI Works with Nest approved driver for Nest products. This driver controls all devices associated with a users Nest account as well as the Away state of the structures in the account. The driver accesses the account and device information via the internet so an internet connection is required. Version 1.1 adds humidity readings and notification of manual Protect tests plus fixes fan timer notifications. Version 1.21 adds HVAC status with variables and events for cooling states. V1.3 fixes a problem caused by a change in return fan status from Nest Servers (error shows 'blocked'). V1.31 increases the number of allowed thermostats to 40.


VIDEO: RTI Tech Talk: RTI Works with NEST Driver

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