AD-64 (AD-4/8/4x/8x/16x) RTI AD-64

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This driver allows the use multiple (8 IS THE MAX) units, up to 64 channels are supported through one instance of the driver. Version 1.2  lengthens the time between driver commands to improve performance in macros, it adds events for audio commands sent to allow routing of  these commands to external devices and now supports the Dynamic Naming and Configuration feature of ID9 as well as the XP Diagnostics Driver. Version 1.5 adds IP control and changes volume defaults to match the AD-8. Version 1.6 introduces dynamic grouping commands to the driver. Version 1.7 adds support for the AD-16x and redoes the config system to allow options for discovery. Version 1.71 fixes the broken Group Select commands

Version 1.7 changes the way channels are allocated for AD-4 and AD-4x. They no longer take up 8 zones of space. Because this could cause problems wih earlier installations the previous version (1.64) will remain here for the forseeable future.


VIDEO: RTI Tech Talk: Distributed Audio and the AD-64 Driver

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