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This driver is for Roku Media Streaming Devices. It provides two-way control of the device by remote emulation and by giving channel lists and icons. Version 1.01 makes it easier to send literal keystrokes to the driver for text entry. Version 1.02 adds a direct IP address entry and Diagnostic Driver support. Version 1.1 adds user programmable presets.  2.0 adds Multiple Devices and Selected Player, 2.1 adds support for 'active app' variables, improves discovery performance, and supplements the tagging.  2.11 fixes a problem selecting channels from fixed icons. 2.12 Bug fix on 'Backspace' key.

**System files using pre-2.0  versions of the driver will need to be reconfigured and are not able to be updated directly using the update button in Integration Designer**

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RTI Certified - APEX Optimized

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  • RTI Certified - APEX Optimized