NuVo Wireless Audio System Nuvo Wireless Audio System

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This driver provides audio, transport and browsing control of the NuVo Wireless Audio system via Ethernet. Version 1.1 of the driver provides the ability to tie specific Pandora, TuneIn and Sirius Stations to buttons. Version 1.2 adds zone grouping, direct access to line inputs and fixes bad encoding of extended characters. Version 1.3 adds support for the 'Top Ten' feature in NuVo firmware 1.11. 1.33 fixes a problem browsing local audio by folders. V1.4 adds support for the Power and Input commands added with the P400 and P500 (soundbars and standalone speakers). V1.41 fixes a problem with the current source boolean variables. 1.42 Adds a boolean for Spotify

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RTI Certified Driver, APEX fortified

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  • RTI Certified Driver, APEX fortified