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Driver Version: 1.15
Notes: This driver supports all models of Escient music servers, players and iPod docks connected to the XP processor via RS232 or Ethernet.  The driver supports music, video and Internet Radio.  This version of the driver does not support Rhapsody music or Photo browsing provided by the Vision series devices.  This functionality will be added in a later release of the driver. Version 1.1 increases performance, shows playlist tracks in the browse list, and adds music search by artist. Version 1.12 fixes a compatibility problem with Integration Designer 7.2. Version 1.13 adds a config option to disable the music genres option. Version 1.14 doesn't populate the artist search results unless the user changes the search text. Version 1.15 fixes a bug that can cause system variables from all drivers to stop updating after an Escient database refresh. Please note: Total Track Time (and current song position) are not available when using the FP-1 with a docked iPod. This is a limitation of the FP-1, not a driver bug.

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