Satellite Receivers H21 DirecTV

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This driver supports DirecTV Satellite Receivers that use the SHEF IP protocol. V 1.11 initial release. V 1.2 adds support for selected device and multiple tuners. V 1.21 Adds control support for older deivces (for example: T1B 433Mhz), Adds boolean variables for selected tuner and a current tuner integer variable, Adds text variables for tuner names listed in Config. V 1.3 Adds an update on how the client communication port is handled, clients are assigned the same comm object and command stack as their Genie, this will eliminate any conflicts when communicating to both Genie and client at the same time and prevent comm port lock up. Adds a keypad object that will send channel data once "Enter" is pressed. Adds a 'Set Send To All" function that toggles a boolean variable, when set to true, keypad commands will send to all devices in the configuration file. Adds an "All Tuners" option to the "Direct Channel Tuning" function, this will send the desired channel to all devices in the configuration file. V 1.32 Forces proper HTTP disconnects and reconnects to improve connectivity and adds additional diagnostic print debugging.

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RTI Certified/Enhanced for APEX

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  • RTI Certified/Enhanced for APEX