E-Node / E-Node MKIII / IBT-100 Converging Systems Intelligent Lighting Controller

Quick Overview

This driver is for the Converging Systems Intelligent Lighting Controller system using the ILC-100 lighting controller via serial (IBT-100 interface) or ethernet (E-Node/E-Node MKIII interface). 

Version 1.04 is no longer supported due to additional capabilities and firmware changes made in the Converging Systems devices.  Systems using 1.04 cannot be updated to version 2.0, and the driver will need to be removed before adding the 2.0 version. Reprogramming the entire Converging Systems control, feedback, and logic in the ID/ID APEX system file will be required when switching to version 2.0.

Version 2.0 supports additional control and feedback previously not available for RGBW, BiWhite/BiColor, Monochrome, 4 Channel Monochrome, Motors, and Group Broadcasts.  Provisions have also been made in the restructured 2.0 driver to better support future updates in ID APEX for more simplified programming of lighting control.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  Click here to visit the Converging Systems support website which contains extensive integration information regarding this driver.

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