BluOS / Bluesound / NAD Media Players BluOS / Bluesound / NAD Media Players

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This driver supports all BluOS, including:

  • Bluesound Node, Node 2, Node 2i, Powernode, Powernode 2, Powernode 2i, Pulse Flex, Pulse Flex 2i, Pulse Mini, Pulse Mini 2i, Pulse, Pulse 2, Pulse 2i, Pulse Soundbar, Pulse Soundbar 2i, Vault, Vault 2 and Vault 2i.
  • NAD M50, M50.2, C658, CI580 and CI720.
  • NAD C390DD, M12, M32, C368 and C388 (with optional MDC BluOS card).
  • NAD T757 and T758 (with optional VM130 card and license).
  • NAD M15HD, M17, T175, T187, T755, T765, T775, T777, T785 and T787 (with optional VM300 card and license).

Important Note: RTI Technical Support is unable to provide support for this driver.
This driver has been written by a developer outside of RTI. Please contact the developer directly to make sure you have the latest version of the driver and to address any support questions you may have - see developer contact below. 

Link to the Driver Download (3rd Party Website)
This Driver's Discussion Topic on the RTI Forum (Login required) 

License Fee: Free of Charge
Developer: Lenbrook
Email: support@bluos.net
Website: www.bluos.net


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