MRX-x10/x20/AVM60 Anthem MRX x10 Series

Quick Overview

This driver is for the Anthem MRX x10 Series Receivers (MRX-310, MRX-510, and MRX-710) using Serial(RS-232) or Ethernet (TCP) connectivity.  Version 1.01 Fixes typo in get info for RS-232 connection default baud rate information.  Version 1.02 includes adjustments for tuner control, adjustments of tuner active band events and variables to zone 1 and zone 2 tuner active bands, and added connection status and initialization status events.  Version 1.03 adds advanced initialization and query capabilities. Version 1.1-1.23 Adds General Tuner variables for template compatibility, additional x20 audio and video variables and events, and an additional x20 sample file.

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RTI Certified Driver

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