Stream Any Video from Any Source to Any Display

Miravue provides robust IP video distribution and control over Ethernet and wireless infrastructures for the connected home and office.


Miravue gives you instant access to all video sources in your network. Stream any video content to any connected display. You can use digital video source such as Bluray players, TV receivers, Apple TVs, Fire TVs, NAS drives or your mobile device. Miravue also supports IP video cameras.



Easy setup and configuration. Once the network is set up, an unlimited number of Miravue transceivers can be connected to the network to either receive a video stream and play it on the connected display or transmit video content from a connected source to other network-connected Miravue transceivers.


Place your video sources wherever you want. Once connected to the network through a Miravue transceiver they are available through any other transceiver. Or choose the traditional centralized rack installation of all sources and distribute the video content from there throughout the building.



Add more video sources and displays later. All you need is a Miravue transceiver to connect an additional display or video source to the existing network. The number of sources and display is not limited, only the number of displays that can play one video stream simultaneously is limited to 32 because of HDCP restrictions.

How Miravue stands out.



The Miravue transceiver offers both, simultaneous transmit and receive in a single, small device. Not only video and audio can be transmitted and received by the Miravue transceiver but also IR or RS232 control signals through the same network cable to control video sources and displays.


AV Distribution

Miravue systems can be set up as Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint or Multipoint-to-Multipoint video distribution systems. More video sources and displays can be added to the system at any time by simply connecting them via additional Miravue transceivers.


Seamless Switching

When selecting other video sources Miravue switches and brings up the video content instantly. When streaming one source to multiple displays playback can be synchronized through automatic lip-sync adjustment.


Network Connectivity

Miravue uses both, Ethernet and WiFi to receive and transmit video over IP. The VIP-1 transceiver provides a web interface for configuration that can be accessed through a network connection. Additionally, Miravue transceivers can act as a network switch.


Control Options

Miravue can be controlled in multiple ways. Use either the Miravue IR remote or your TVs CEC capable remote to select the source. Miravue is fully implemented into the RTI eco system and can be set up for native RTI control in RTI’s Integration Designer programming software. It can also be controlled through any third-party control system.



As Miravue is a network solution, it doesn’t matter where the transceivers are located. You can install all video sources in a rack or choose the non-traditional decentralized approach by placing Miravue transceivers next to a display and video source which might requires less transceivers when a source and a display can be connected to the same transceiver.

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