Thank you for trying RTiQ remote monitoring!

Your company must be activated before you are able to use RTiQ.


Please contact RTI Customer Service with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Primary Contact - This person should be an owner/officer of the company and will become the administrator for the RTiQ account.
  • Email address - The email address used to login into the RTI dealer website.

RTI Customer Service:

  • Email: custserv@rticorp.com


If your company is already activated but you are unable to gain access to RTiQ, there are a couple reasons this may happen:

  1. You may not have been associated with your company as an authorized user by the primary account holder for your company (RTiQ administrator).
  2. The company information (company name, address etc) on your RTI dealer website account does not exactly match the information supplied by the primary contact for your company.

Please check with the RTiQ Administrator for your company to see if you have been set up as a user.

If you are still unable to access RTiQ, please contact RTI Customer Service.