Executive Boardroom Broaden Your Influence

In the boardroom, time is money and excellence is expected. That's why RTI control systems set the standard for intuitive operation, reliability under pressure, and wide-ranging capabilities.

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Executive Boardroom
Conference Room
Conference Room Collaborate and Communicate.

Our technology isn't just a tool you can rely on- it's a business asset you can leverage. Turn any conference room into a collaborative powerhouse using custom programmed touchpanels combined with conferencing and presentation solutions.

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Huddle Space Business on the Fly

Huddle spaces are great for popup meetings, where simplicity and cost-effectiveness are key. RTI empowers frequently changing users with intuitive control and easy collaboration on the fly.

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Huddle Space
Classroom Capture Their Attention

Forums like classrooms and auditoriums demand a unique blend of control and audio--visual capabilities. RTI combines robust capacity with one-touch simplicity to get the presentation started quickly and keep the audience engaged.

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Bars and Restaurants Energize the Atmosphere

The guest experience in bars and restaurants doesn’t end at food and drinks. From automatically triggered scenes to changing the channel for a guest, RTI control and AV distribution make it possible to quickly manipulate every aspect of the atmosphere.

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Bars and Restaurants
House of Worship
House of Worship Enhance the Experience

Whether it's audiovisuals in the sanctuary, playing a video in classrooms, or digital signage in the entry, places of worship utilize technology to inform and inspire. RTI solutions are tailored to each project, to allow frequently changing, non-technical

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Event/Retail Spaces Master the Media

Distributing A/V over a large area and a range of environments can be extremely challenging. RTI utilizes the latest control and AV signal management technology to remove limitations and extend capabilities.

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Event/Retail Spaces