RTI Now Shipping New KX7 In-Wall Touchpanel Controller and SURFiR Companion Remote for RTiPanel App

SHAKOPEE, Minn. — Jan. 3, 2013 — Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) announced that it is now shipping its new KX7 in-wall color touchpanel controller and SURFiR companion remote. With these new products ranging from touchscreen controllers to wireless remote controls, RTI continues to design award-winning products that meet the specific needs of professional integrators in all sectors of the CE world. The KX7 is loaded with high-end features, such as a capacitive touchscreen, analog and digital video viewing capability, and a self contained control system — perfect for sophisticated residential and commercial installations. The SURFiR is a low-cost companion remote control, for end-users that enjoy using their tablet or smartphone as their primary controller but want hard-buttons with instant control.

The KX7 takes touchpanel control to new heights with a self-contained control system. An infrared output allows control of devices up to 1,000 feet away while an RS-232 port allows direct control of electronics without a control processor. When combined with RTI accessories, the KX7 offers intuitive two-way communication for control and feedback from compatible electronic devices such as music servers, HVAC, lighting, and more.

The sleek and sophisticated design of the KX7 features a 7-inch WVGA (800x480) multitouch capacitive touchscreen to display the completely customizable control interface. In addition, composite, S-video, and component video inputs provide crystal clear video at up to 576p resolution. The KX7 is outfitted with both wired and wireless Ethernet, providing convenient access to advanced capabilities, including two-way control of devices (via RTI XP series control processors), viewing motion JPEG digital video, Web browsing, and system file updating. The KX7's 10/100 Base-T connection supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) to reduce cabling requirements and simplify installations.

"The KX7 is packed full of features for complete, customized control over entertainment, environmental, and security systems," said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. "Users will enjoy the clean design and vivid LCD for viewing high-resolution video and even screen swiping for navigation, while integrators will love what's under the hood, including wired and wireless Ethernet and direct control of devices via IR or RS-232."

"In addition, our SURFiR companion remote has received a lot of attention since its introduction and has quickly become one of our most highly anticipated products. We are very excited to say that this revolutionary new concept in control is now available, providing consumers with a low-cost, seamless solution to overcome some of the inherent limitations of using tablets and smartphones as primary controllers."

The SURFiR allows users to incorporate their Apple® and Android™ touchscreen devices as the graphical interface for their control system, while adding the convenience of "instant on," tactile control with hard buttons and eliminating the numerous screen swipes needed for control tasks that require frequent interaction. In addition, SURFiR conveniently keeps track of the device that is being controlled by the smartphone or tablet. This allows users to enjoy many of the other benefits of their mobile device — checking emails, reading news feeds, and accessing social media apps — while maintaining convenient and intuitive control over their home electronic system.

A stylish handheld remote sporting a contemporary look and feel, the SURFiR provides a perfect complement to portable devices running the RTiPanel app, and can be used with any of RTI's XP control processors. The controller requires minimal programming for integrators, lowering overall installation costs and making it simple to integrate into any system.